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    Contact us today for a free consultation on your road traffic accident claim.  Call our specialised Team based both in Brighton and London on 0800 280 0432 or if you wish us to call you back please fill in the form.

    “I feel a debt of gratitude to you with the voracious way you have pursued my claim and find it somewhat enlightening to know that there are still people like yourself prepared to help complete strangers in predicaments like mine.” – Mr I

    We have been working to get the compensation you deserve and each member of the Team is highly specialised and has years of experience.

    Most of our cases are dealt on a “no win, no fee” agreement so there is no financial risk to you.


    Dealing with road traffic accidents

    Road traffic accidents account for the majority of injuries and fatalities that occur in the UK every year. These accidents can range from mild bruising and whiplash to serious head and spinal injuries.  RTAs can also be life changing to not only the people that get injured but to their family members and loved ones.

    Mr T was involved in accident while riding his motorbike which caused a severe injury to his right shoulder.  Initially Mr T was dealing with a different firm of solicitors but was not happy with the service or level of expected compensation. Mr T decided to contact Healys Solicitors’ specialist Personal Injury Team and one of our experienced Solicitor, Paul Keown, was able to deal with his claim.  The case was later settled out of Court and Paul was able to secure Mr T £180,000 in compensation to aid in his recovery.

    If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, either as a driver, cyclist, passenger or pedestrian, that is not your fault, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.  Our Lawyers are here to help you throughout the claims process and will look to ways to aid in your rehabilitation from your injury from the outset.

    Our specialist Personal Injury Team will ensure that your claim is dealt with professionally and efficiently to ensure that you recover compensation for your injuries and any financial loss or expenses arising from the accident.

    Please note: Changes have now been introduced to the amount of compensation you receive if you have been involved in a road traffic accident after 31 May 2021, and you have suffered a “whiplash” type injury. Please click here for further information.

    How we have helped our clients

    With Healys Solicitors you can be assured that you will receive a comprehensive legal service which is always client-focused, performed by experts, and offers a range of first-class legal and non-legal assistance to ensure you receive maximum compensation and the best possible care.

    Below are some brief case studies on how we have helped our clients:

    Mr and Mrs T, from London, were driving on the M1 when a drunk driver, driving the wrong way smashed into them head on. The collision was significant and the injuries were serious. The effects of the accident were far reaching and both Mr and Mrs T suffered significant business losses. Thankfully, Paul Keown, a Partner at Healys Solicitors knew exactly what to do and having obtained expert medical and financial evidence a significant a six figure settlement was achieved.

    Mr L suffered significant fractures to both legs following a motorcycle accident. The permanent injury, including the shortening of his right leg meant that he could no longer work in the construction industry. Healys Solicitors was able to get a multi disciplinary team of experts to help re-train Mr L following the accident.  We were also able to secure significant six figure settlement in compensation.

    Mr D was 18 when he suffered significant a leg injury following a motorcycle accident whilst studying the “knowledge”. The permanent injury, meant that his qualification as a taxi driver was delayed and a lost years claim advanced. The Defendant’s instructed a variety of experts who disagreed with Mr D’s residual working capacity and through successful negotiation a six figure settlement in compensation was secured.

    You can view a number of case studies on how we have helped our clients by visiting the case studies section.

    So contact the Personal Injury Team on 0800 280 0432 or fill in contact us form on the left for us to call you back.

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