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    Contact us today for a free consultation on your slips and falls claim.  Call our specialised team based both in Brighton and London on 0800 280 0432 or if you wish us to call you back please fill in the form.

    “Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done on our behalf over these last few years. I really appreciate how thorough you have been, and also how helpful and supportive you have been towards us throughout. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.” – Mr M

    We have been working to get the compensation you deserve and each member of the team is highly specialised and has years of experience.

    Most of our cases are dealt on a No win No fee agreement so there is no financial risk to you.

    Dealing with Slips, Trips and Falls Claims

    Slips, trips and falls may sometimes seem innocuous, but when you fall and suffer a significant personal injury because someone else with a duty of care to you has been negligent, it may be possible to make a claim for slipping and tripping accident compensation.

    Of course, we all hold some responsibility to look out for dangers around us and act accordingly in our day-to-day lives, but slips and trips are often avoidable if those who should be making sure paths and walkways are clear are doing their jobs correctly.

    For instance, entrances to buildings should have mats laid to soak up moisture from wet shoes. If mats are not put down and someone suffers a fall on the wet floor, it is possible that the owners and managers of the building may be liable for not providing a safe environment for those entering the building.

    Likewise where carpets are present in a building, they should be well-maintained and laid properly, if a carpet comes loose or wears badly it could be a tripping hazard and an unsuspecting passer-by could easily suffer a fall.

    Plus, building owners and facilities managers, and anyone who has workers and the general public on their premises, have a duty of care to maintain lighting levels in walkways and corridors, inside and out, so that users are able to see where they are going.

    How we have helped our clients

    With Healys Solicitors you can be assured that you will receive a comprehensive legal service which is always client-focused, performed by experts, and offers a range of first-class legal and non-legal assistance to ensure you receive maximum compensation and the best possible care.

    You can view a number of case studies on how we have helped our clients by visiting the case studies section.

    So contact the team on 0800 280 0432 or fill in contact us form for us to call you back.

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    Call our London office on 0800 280 0432 or our Brighton office on 0800 280 0432. You can also contact us online.
    Call Us Today
    London: 0800 280 0432 Brighton: 0800 280 0432 Or you can contact us online: Contact Us
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