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Spinal cord injury can have catastrophic and life-changing consequences, particularly when it results in nerve damage, paraplegia, or tetraplegia.

Injuries to the spine can result in partial or complete paralysis, and, whatever the cause, this injury can devastate an individual’s life and also change the lives of family and friends forever.

These types of injuries can occur at any time during a person’s life, and in many different situations.

An accident at work, road traffic collision, or sporting incident could cause irreparable damage to the spinal cord, which sends messages from the brain to each limb.

With important pathways damaged, a person may lose the ability to move certain limbs and feel sensations in them. As a result they might become wheelchair or walking-aid reliant, or bed-bound.

Suffering a spinal injury can not only cause physical problems but psychological ones. Understandably, a sudden and permanent change in a person’s ability to undertake day-to-day tasks and participate in hobbies can lead to depression, loss of appetite, and lack of sleep.

For all of the reasons above, receiving the highest standard of help and support available for spinal injury patients is vital. The solicitors at Healys can help make that happen.

How much compensation could you receive?

Our team strive to ensure maximum amounts of compensation in all cases. In addition, we are committed to obtaining interim settlements where possible and appropriate.

No two spinal injury compensation awards will ever be the same. Each claim must account for individual pain, as well as the impact of costs for such things as rehabilitation and treatment, nursing care, plus specialist equipment and housing. Loss of income is also a significant factor in the calculation of any award.

Interim Payments for Serious Injuries

Often the serious nature of spinal injuries can cause a financial problem from the moment you have the accident.  At Healys  we understand that you need help from the first moment you call us.  We will work hard for you to secure an interim payment to aid in your rehabilitation.  Often once the other side have agreed liability this can easily be negotiated.

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How We Can Help

Healys is here to help you claim the maximum compensation possible for your injuries and provide you with expert knowledge to make your life easier and get you back on track faster and with the least possible stress.

Claiming compensation for serious spinal injuries can seem like an overwhelming task when you already have so much to deal with. However, by discussing your case with the approachable professionals at Healys, you can take legal action against the person, group, company, or organisation liable for your injuries and receive remuneration which could help you move on with your life.

Not only can we help you gain compensation for your spinal injury, but we can assist you in negotiations regarding adapting your home, purchasing more appropriate accommodation, and finding any equipment you may need to maintain your independence.

To view some case studies and the ways we have helped our clients by visiting the case studies section.

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“Healys handles complex matters related to road traffic accidents and injuries in the workplace. The practice is led by Dino Skinner, who specialises in personal injury claims, particularly cases concerning fatal accidents, injury to cyclists and amputations. His work also involves supporting those who have had life-changing injuries and are now trying to get their lives back.”

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