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    Estate Planning is an increasingly important issue, particularly in today’s world. You should consider the potential tax liabilities you could be leaving your loved ones when you die. Inheritance tax mitigation advice could prove most worthwhile. Healys Solicitors can advise you on various ways to avoid your hard-earned assets ending up in the taxman’s pocket. The earlier you put an inheritance tax mitigation plan in place, the earlier you may be able to take advantage of the tax opportunities which could ensure that on your death, your loved ones can make the most of your hard-earned assets.

    Healys Solicitors have a list of selected business contacts from independent financial advisors, accountants and wealth managers who can enable you to take full advantage of the investment possibilities on the current market.

    Healys Solicitors will consider each and every client individually, and advise each client specific to his/her personal circumstances, ensuring that they receive best advice.

    We are always happy to discuss estate planning issues with any potential new client, and we will endeavour to call you back at the earliest opportunity should you so request.

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