Thoughts on Intellectual Property

10th March 2023 by

Insights by David B Horne and Tips from Samantha Oakley

If you are in business, chances are your business has various strands of intellectual property (IP) that are worth protecting: your brand for one. IP protection is important to consider, even in the early stages of business as franchising, white labelling and licencing opportunities may present opportunities for future growth.

Author and champion of diversity in investment, David B Horne says “Protecting brand and IP is critical for start-up businesses, and to do this properly founders need to spend some money. This is especially important for those founders who raise capital, and they need to earmark funding to protect these key business assets.

This is something that all founders will face, but it’s especially a challenge for female founders, who continue to lag significantly behind male founders in terms of capital raised. In Europe (including the UK) in 2022, the share of funding that went to female founders collapsed to just 0.9%. Mixed gender teams fared a little better, receiving 12.2% of the total, whereas all-male teams received a whopping 86.9% of funding. No matter what your gender, be sure to build brand and IP protection into your business plan and secure the funding to get it done properly.” To find out more about David and his book Funded Female Foundersclick here.


Top Tips on IP by Samantha Oakley


As this edition of The Board Minute is underpinned by the theme of start-ups and inclusion, commercial lawyer Samantha Oakley has contributed her Top Ten Tips, IP Protection for Start-ups. Why not take a read and begin to consider how you can protect your business IP and what opportunity for future growth you can develop from that IP.


To download Samantha’s top ten tips, please click here: 10 Top Tips - IP Protection for Startups (5 downloads)