Auctioneer negligence claims and discretion


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Auctioneers normally have a duty of care to both seller and buyer, and although auctioneer negligence claims are a highly specialised area of law which require expert knowledge, in cases where there has been a breach of this duty of care and financial loss has arisen as a result, a professional negligence lawyer may be able to help secure appropriate financial redress.


The world of auctioneering is a very elite one in which appearances are often key. As such, when embarking on an auctioneer negligence claim, discretion can be key.This may mean avoiding the publicity and inconvenience of the court system, where possible, and instead looking to build a positive relationship with the defendant's legal team.Doing this is frequently the best way of obtaining settlement in even the most high-value cases.However, in the most contentious and insoluble-seeming of cases it may be necessary to take robust action through the courts�- the reality in many cases is that when faced with the prospect of lengthy court action and the risk of reputational damage, many auction houses are quick to seek an alternative means of remedy.

Grounds for a claim

There are several instances in which there may be grounds for an auctioneer negligence claim, including the following:

  • Misdescription of goods
  • Over-valuation
  • Failure to identify origins or authorship of a piece
  • Physical damage to a piece

Healys LLP negligence lawyers

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