Builders negligence. Finding remedy for loss


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Builders negligence can derail a project and end up costing the client a fortune. Of course, there is always risk, from inception to completion, that something might go wrong, but it is when negligence causes the mistake and financial loss is suffered that the client can claim compensation.The professional negligence lawyers at Healys LLP can help you establish liability, building a strong evidence-based case for compensation against the builder, construction contractor, surveyor, architect, or engineer who caused you to sustain loss.

Builder negligence claims

Contractors in the building trade must fulfil instructions in accordance with the client's and architect's demands - they must also liaise with and listen to the directions provided by the quantity surveyors, building surveyors, and project managers.Although builders are not always qualified and are, in that sense at least, not always professionals, they must still meet the standards one would expect of a professional and uphold the duties owed to the client.

Engineer claims

There are many different types of engineer. From those who build and maintain machinery to those that work with boilers or those that work with swimming pools, saunas and spas, bathrooms, and sewage systems.If you instructed a professional engineer to carry out building-related work but that work has failed to meet the required standard, you might be able to claim compensation for any financial loss sustained as a result.

Quantity surveyors

Quantity surveyors have an integral role to play in the successful operation of a building project. They do such things as provide estimates as to costs, the likely time span of a project, the number of builders and contractors that will need to be involved, and other vital issues. Where these estimates are not reasonable, it might be possible to build a case for negligence.

Claims for builders negligence

Any builder you instruct to work on a project has both a contractual duty to you as well as a duty in tort. In addition, those working in building and construction have a number of statutory duties which they must also uphold.For example those found in The Defective Premises Act 1972. Any breach of these duties that causes significant financial loss might be considered to be compensable - this, in essence, forms the basis for a successful builders negligence claim.Healys LLP specialist professional negligence lawyers in London and Brighton can help you secure full compensation for any loss caused by builders negligence. Talk to one of our specialists today for a full and realistic assessment of your chances of making a successful claim.

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