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When we entrust our money to a bank, we are doing so because they provide a professional service and are there to keep our money safe. However, banks do sometimes make mistakes and, where a bank has provided a substandard or negligent service which has caused you to sustain financial loss, you may be able to claim compensation for the negligence of your bank.

When communications go wrong

An increasing proportion of banking-related communication is taking place on the internet, with customers choosing to use online banking facilities; partly for the sake of convenience but partly as a result of the desire of banks to automate services and cut costs.Where negligently managed online account security services or system errors result in customers sustaining financial loss, those affected may be able to instruct professional negligence lawyers to claim compensation for the negligence of their bank.

An example from 2013

In 2013, a British woman sued her bank for the �93,000 that had gone missing from her account as a result of it responding to instructions from her hacked email account, in particular for its failure to confirm by telephone whether the instructions were from her.Although the woman had previously signed a disclaimer apparently granting the bank immunity from "any responsibility and all liability in connection with electronically transmitted orders", the woman was advised by her professional negligence lawyer that she nevertheless had strong grounds for proceeding with a claim against her bank.Indeed, the manager of the Swiss bank concerned was said to have conceded that "he was extremely tired and stressed because of a lot of extra work due to people transferring money" - according to the claimant.She added, "Normally he would have rung beforehand if he thought something was unusual, but he emailed this time and it had been intercepted by the hacker. He then transferred the money and by the time he eventually contacted me it was too late. The money had gone."

Healys LLP professional negligence firm

Claiming compensation for the negligence of your bank can be a complicated process and requires the guidance and representation of experienced and insightful lawyers.Healys LLP can help you make sense of the issues pertinent to your case and can, if there is a realistic probability of success, lead you forwards to a just outcome.For practical benefits that work, contact us today at

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