Claims against design and construction PII


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All reputable design and construction professionals in the UK hold professional indemnity insurance (PII) - even in cases where it is not compulsory, it is clearly the responsible thing to do and provides invaluable insurance and reassurance to clients who, should they become the victims of negligence, then have recourse to a design and construction professional negligence claim.

Melded insurance for melded professions

In many cases, design and construction professionals are becoming intertwined. This is reflected in the PII market, where insurers increasingly offer design and construction cover to professionals who are either specialist designers or specialist constructors but in fact have some expertise in both areas. Furthermore, both types of professional nowadays sub-contract work out to third parties, often exposing themselves to some form of liability for the sub-contracted work.As such, it is easy to see why the more comprehensive forms of design and construction indemnity cover are vital to both client and professional. This applies to both the largest firms and those smaller "boutique" specialists.All professionals should have cover, whether they are engaged in all aspects of design and build, contingent design and build (involving subcontractors), on a purely sub-contractual basis and, even, those involved in some limited capacity in a build who might not normally consider themselves to be professionals.However, there is some variation in the policies available. For example, some might provide cover for negligence in contract and tort but have a number of technicalities which exclude liabilities such as liquidated damages or fitness for purpose.

Claims for design and construction professional negligence

Whether the negligence you have suffered has been caused by a domestic builder, a designer or architect, an engineering contractor, an air conditioning or heating specialist, or some other form of professional, Healys of Brighton and London can help you ensure full compensation for your losses.Our specialist design and construction professional negligence lawyers can secure sums for design failures, structural defects, negligent project management, failure to comply with specification, and other examples of negligence.For more information about claiming and advice on whether there would be cost-benefit in your circumstances, please contact us today.

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