Commercial property transactions can be subject to professional negligence


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Deciding to make a claim against a professional advisor is never an easy task, especially as you may have built up a long standing relationship with them. However, if you have suffered losses as a result of inadequate advice or substandard service, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation through a professional negligence solicitor.To find out more about how Healys professional negligence solicitors in London and Brighton could help you make a claim, please click here.

Commercial property conveyancing and professional negligence

When buying or leasing a property for business purposes it is essential that a commercial property conveyancing solicitor understands all aspects of the transaction and the proposed use which the buyer has in mind for the property.All commercial premises have planning and use notices in place and, in some cases, it will not be possible to change the "use class" for a property. For example, shops are classed as A1 use and, depending on the planning permissions in place, it may not be possible to turn a unit with an A1 use class into a gym, which would require a D2 (assembly and leisure) class.When searching for a suitable property it is vital to ensure that if the intended use of a building is to change, or any major alteration to the structure of the building is required, that the conveyancing solicitor carries out all necessary searches regarding planning and use control, so that the buyer does not suffer planning permission refusals or enforcement orders in the future.In December 2011 a case was heard where the buyers of a guesthouse had not been advised that the terms of their purchase breached planning conditions for the property in question.The seller of the guesthouse had created a self-contained, interconnecting annexe to the guesthouse and intended to live in it after the sale. The buyers did not see any reason why this should be a problem for their business and purchased the guesthouse. The value of the annexe was not included in the transaction.However, after the sale of the property had been completed it was discovered that dual occupancy of the property was in breach of planning permissions and an enforcement notice was issued.The buyer's and seller's relationship eventually broke down and the buyer took the decision to sell the property back to the original owner. The buyer subsequently made a successful professional negligence claim against their solicitors for failing to uncover the full extent of planning permissions.

Healys professional negligence solicitors in London and Brighton

At Healys we pride ourselves on possessing all necessary experience, expertise and resources to provide advice, assistance and representation for anyone who believes they have a claim against a professional, whatever the service or area of advice sought.We offer a quick and efficient review of any potential claim, clear advice on the merits of pursuing a potential claim, as well as full explanation of the practice and procedures involved in making a professional negligence claim.We strive for transparency on costs and, where possible, seek the availability of alternative means of funding including conditional fee agreements (no win no fee).Call the team at Healys today in either our London or Brighton offices, or click through to our People Page to find out about the professional negligence team.

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