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If your estate agent has provided you with a service that, by all reasonable standards, can be deemed competent, then you will be unable to make a claim for estate agent negligence, no matter how much money you might have lost as a result of your property-related transaction. However, in the event that you have not been provided with a competent service, a professional negligence lawyer might agree to represent you in an attempt to claim compensation.

The duties of an estate agent

Most estate agents are obliged to abide by specific codes of conduct and any breach of such a code might, in conjunction with proof of financial loss, constitute grounds for a successful claim for compensation.

Time limits

In most cases your claim for estate agent negligence must be made from six years from the date of the negligent act, six years from the date you became aware of the negligence, or six years from the date at which the fact of loss became apparent.

When is it possible to claim?

It might be possible to make a claim for the negligence of your estate agent if it has committed clear negligence such as providing you with an inaccurate valuation and advising you to sell a property at well below its market value. Other examples of negligence include a failure to provide a competently drafted particulars of sale or a failure to advise of important and relevant changes in the property market.Furthermore, letting agents can be found negligent if they have provided inadequate service or advice.However, for all types of claim, it is not enough to only prove negligence - it must also be proven that financial loss has been sustained as a direct result.

Estate agent negligence claims in Brighton and London

In order to make a successful estate agent negligence claim it is necessary to prove that your estate agent owed you a duty of care, that the duty of care was breached, and that you have sustained financial loss as a direct result.Misleading information, mis-selling, and inaccurate valuations are some of the major reasons for such claims and if you have lost money as a result of these, or any other causes, we could help you secure compensation for your losses.Talk to the professional negligence lawyers in our Brighton or London offices for more information. Email, call, or request a call from us.

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