Jane Sanders, Family Solicitor, takes part in Killick Literary Evening


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Following on from the success of the 2014 event the Killick Literary Evening gathered a panel of published authors:

  • Amanda Brookfield returned to talk about her sixteenth book, due out in 2016
  • Alan O'Sullivan is well-known in both finance and journalism circles. His first novel takes a satirical look at corporate life
  • Jane Sanders revealed how she completed her first novel whilst juggling the roles of wife, mother and Family Law solicitor
  • Alice Lascelles reviews alcoholic drinks for a living and has featured in the FT, The Times and The Sunday Times. Her first book was released earlier this year
  • Tasha Kavanagh's debut novel has been critically acclaimed and shortlisted for many awards, making her a name to watch

Jane Sanders' debut novel introduces us to Gerry, Eleanor, Simon and Anthony; four commuters with jobs in the city who follow the same routine each day. But this day will be different - it will challenge their routine, their confidence and their future.Jane Sanders wrote 'The Commuter's' whilst making her own daily commute to the city. The narrative is fast-paced with rhythmical prose reflecting the familiar movement of the train speeding along. Commuters everywhere will identify with the daily journey to work which the four main characters make. They are four very different characters brought together with one common interest - to travel to work, return home and travel again and again. But today will be different because each one of them receives news about work which will change their lives forever. They have been fellow commuters for years, exchanging pleasantries morning and evening. Now they are faced with individual dilemmas which unite them in heart-felt conversation. But will talking be too late?Publisher Angela Meads of Bookworm of Retford said; "It was the staccato- style writing within the prose which first caught my attention. This style works in Jane's novel because it emulates the breathless urgency commuters experience as they juggle the skills of 'arriving on time' with 'not wasting time'. Then there are the four characters, fully developed, people we can relate to and empathise with. The observational detail of human behaviour is delightful."

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