Landscape gardener and construction professional negligence solicitors


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All construction and engineering trades bring with them some risk of negligence. The same is true of landscape gardening, particularly when the job concerned is more structural than cosmetic.There is occasionally a misconception about the work of landscape gardeners, with some prone to presume that these professionals do little more than plant plants.However, planting is in many ways the least of it. For example, landscape gardeners will often require plumbing, building, lighting, and carpentry skills. Furthermore, in some instances, landscape gardeners may even make structural alternations to a building, house, or outhouse.Of course, not all landscape gardeners have the above skills, and those who do will not bring them to every job. However, one area that is repeatedly an issue of concern is related to drainage and irrigation; where this is not installed properly, a property might experience damp and moisture problems.If you have experienced financial loss as result of any of the above problems, call Healys LLP professional negligence solicitors today on 0800 433 4544.

Landscape gardeners and indemnity insurance

All landscape gardeners must have professional indemnity insurance in place to ensure that in the event some action or omission on their part causes the client to sustain financial loss, they are protected from the consequences of any litigation arising as a result.Of course, indemnity insurance also helps ensure that the client is able to obtain justice and be restored to the position he or she would have been in had the negligence not occurred.At the top end of the market landscape gardening can be a very expensive business. For example, clients in London routinely spend six-figure sums on rooftop gardens, basement gardens, sprawling urban gardens, as well as interior gardens in exciting architectural projects.This is reflected in the scope of professional indemnity cover, with some insurers offering cover up to, and sometimes beyond, the �5 million mark.

Healys LLP professional negligence lawyers

If you are considering claiming for loss or damage sustained as a result of the actions of a landscape gardener, construction contractor, engineer, or architect, talk to Healys LLP professional negligence solicitors today about the possibilities of achieving full redress for your losses.We bring energy, focus, skill, knowledge, and experience to our clients, ensuring your full legal rights are explored. Call our London office today on 0800 433 4544 for more information.

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