Phase Two of the 'Good Work Plan' Further Consultations On Employment Recommendations


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In July 2017, Matthew Taylor published his independent review on modern working practices, entitled 'Good Work', which can be found here: February 2018, the Government responded with its 'Good Work Plan' ( and launched consultations on how best to implement many of the review's recommendations, including those on employment status, the rights of agency workers, increasing transparency in the labour market and the enforcement of employment rights. An overview of the responses to the consultation can be found at a result, many of the measures have either been introduced or are scheduled for implementation.The Government recently announced phase two of the Good Work Plan, which focuses on protecting vulnerable workers and supporting families. This includes proposals to:

  • give workers enhanced rights to tackle unscrupulous employers who do not comply with the law; and
  • create a single labour market enforcement body, with powers to enforce minimum wage regulations, including ensuring agency workers are not underpaid, and the law relating to workers' entitlement to holiday pay.

Business Secretary Greg Clark also confirmed that Matthew Taylor has been appointed as the interim Director of Labour Market Enforcement and said, "A new single labour market enforcement body will bring together our different enforcement partners putting all our expertise in one dedicated place, better protecting workers and enforcing their rights now and into the future." A consultation on establishing this has been launched (see and closes on 6 October 2019.A further consultation, the Good Work Plan: Proposals to support families, has also been launched. See 1 of this consultation seeks views on options for reforming existing entitlements to parental leave, in order to give parents equality of opportunities at home and at work and achieve the objectives of supporting women's economic empowerment and closing the gender pay gap. The closing date for responses is 29 November 2019.Chapter 2 of the consultation seeks views on a proposed new entitlement to Neonatal Leave and Pay for parents of babies who require neonatal care following birth. Chapter 3 asks for views on measures to encourage employers to consider advertising all jobs as flexible from the outset and a requirement for employers to make public their parental leave policies so that job applicants can make informed choices without having to ask about employer policies, which could discourage them from applying for a wide range of jobs. The closing date for responses to these proposals is 11 October 2019.If you would like guidance on these, or any other employment issues, please contact Allison Grant on 020 7822 4000, or email

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