Project manager negligence and construction projects


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Increasingly, professional negligence lawyers are representing cases involving allegations of construction project manager negligence .In fact, this is a reality is reflected in the insurance statistics - project managers are having to pay higher premiums in order to guard against the possibility of liability for negligence and consequent financial redress.

Chesham Properties v Bucknall Austin

The case of Chesham Properties v Bucknall Austin (1996) is one of the most notable cases of a claim for construction project manager professional negligence.This is because the case confirmed the principle that a project manager has a professional duty to keep a client informed of any poor quality work or unacceptable delay caused by the negligence of a construction team.

Yorkshire boarding school project manager negligence claim

In 2012 a North Yorkshire boarding school received damages of more than �220,000 after it was found to have suffered financial loss as a result of the construction project manager negligence regarding use of a contractor.In a ruling at Leeds Crown Court, a judge said that the project manager's failure to ensure a suitable contract between the boarding school and a construction company had played a direct role in the school suffering unacceptable delays in the completion of important construction work, without immediate recourse to adequate settlement."The probability is that, if there had been a contract in existence, the Trust would have negotiated a reasonable settlement of their dispute. The value of such a settlement to the Trust, over and above the settlement it negotiated in the absence of a contract, would have been �340,000," said the judge.

The role of a project manager

A project manager is there to make sure things run smoothly, whether you are engaged in renovation, refurbishment, extension or a new build. Matters he or she will oversee include time scales, work quality, contracts, organisation, legal and environmental concerns, surveys, materials and health and safety.In a nutshell, a construction manager should save you time, money, worry and vulnerability to "cowboy builders". In the event that he or she fails in their duty of care to you and you sustain financial loss, whether because of unacceptable delays or substandard workmanship, a professional negligence lawyer may be able to help you proceed with a claim for construction project manager negligence compensation.

Healys LLP, professional negligence lawyers

If you have suffered financial loss or personal injury as a result of the negligence of a construction contractor, subcontractor or project manager, the professional negligence solicitors at Healys can provide clarity and direction and, where necessary, conviction to your claim for compensation.Talk to staff in our London or Brighton offices today.

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