Spurious negligence claims will be dismissed by a court


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If you feel aggrieved by the services of a professional, and that individual owed you a duty of care, it may be possible to claim damages in respect of financial loss.However, as a claimant, you, or your team of professional negligence lawyers, must be able to prove that another practitioner would have acted for you in a different manner and this service would have prevented the loss.In some cases, it may be necessary to make a claim against a firm of solicitors if their advice during divorce proceedings, and any subsequent financial claim, leads to financial adversity which could, and should, have been addressed during the proceedings.For more information on the services provided by Healys LLP in respect of professional negligence claims in London, please click here.

Not all claims have merit

In January 2014 The Independent reported on the curious case of a British woman who sought damages from her divorce solicitors because, amongst other issues, they did not explain that the culmination of divorce proceedings would terminate her marriage.She alleged that, as a Roman Catholic who believed in the sanctity of marriage, solicitors should have explained that divorce would inevitably end her marriage, something she says she wished to avoid.However, it appears she was seeking a "clean-break settlement" from her spouse and such a settlement can only be achieved once a marriage is formally dissolved.The woman argued that her lawyers should have, at the very least, recommended that she seek a judicial separation, which does not require marriage dissolution.The allegations came to light after the case, which was originally dismissed from Liverpool County Court, when it was heard in the Court of Appeal in London. All claims against the divorce solicitors were dismissed.

Healys for solicitor professional negligence claims in London

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