Tax consultants - Establishing grounds for negligence


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No one gets excited about paying tax, and most us are keen to incur as little personal liability as possible. which is why tax consultants are generally employed.So when tax consultant negligence leads to unnecessary liability, clients have every right to pursue some form of redress.

Tax consultants - professionals

Most of us have little or no specialist knowledge of taxation systems, and even fewer know about the measures and schemes in place to enable us to minimise our tax liabilities. As such, we instruct professional tax consultants to guide us in the ways of legal and legitimate tax mitigation; trusting that they will take the decisions that are in the best interests of our present and future financial security.There are strict professional and statutory duties which tax consultants must abide by, with many obliged to follow strict codes of conduct.Unfortunately, tax consultants are sometimes negligent and fail to uphold the fiduciary duty they are compelled to provide - where this happens it might be possible to launch a claim for negligence.Accountants must always listen to the client and consider their needs - for example the level of risk in investment required by the client.Where products and services are provided that are not suitable to the client's needs, such as its personality, family circumstance, and budget, this might result in strong grounds for a tax consultant negligence claim.

Healys LLP professional negligence lawyers

Healys LLP professional negligence lawyers of Brighton and London can help you establish whether you have a realistic chance of receiving compensation for tax consultant negligence by establishing duty of care, cause, and financial loss.We provide clear and flexible funding arrangements and have an outstanding track record of success. Contact us for further information.

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