Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme professional negligence


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Healys professional negligence partners are committed to providing clear guidance and advice to those who believe that the negligence of a professional may have led to them suffering financial loss. Call our professional negligence lawyers in their London and Brighton offices today for more advice.

Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes

Regulated Collective Investments Schemes (CIS) are those which are on the official Financial Services Authority register. Those CIS that are neither authorised or are categorised as unregulated are termed Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS).Because they are unregulated, UCIS arrangements may be structured differently to the regulated alternatives, often resulting in a larger degree of risk and speculation.Unfortunately, in some cases UCIS arrangements are sold illegally to investors or may be mis-sold as suitable to an investor's circumstances when in fact they are highly ill-suited.Because UCIS are unregulated, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is unable to provide compensation in the event an investor loses sums to a scheme's negligence.

UCIS claims

In cases where investors have been mis-sold a UCIS scheme or have entered one unknowingly and they have, as a consequence, lost money, it is advisable that they speak with a professional negligence lawyer about claiming compensation.

Professional negligence lawyers in London and Brighton

UCIS professional negligence claims are likely to be complex and, as such, will require the guidance of lawyers who can make sense of both the law and the specific circumstances as they relate to the grievance.Here at Healys we have experience of all forms of financial advice negligence claims and bring this to the fore to ensure practical benefit to your case.For more information about how your case may be pursued, contact us today.

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