What remedies can your solicitors achieve for you?


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Being the victim of professional negligence can be frustrating and inconvenient - however, unless the negligence you have suffered causes you to sustain significant financial loss, it is unlikely that it will be advisable to instruct a professional negligence solicitor to proceed with a claim.But what kind of remedies can you expect your legal team to secure for you?

Legal advice fees

In the event that your claim for negligence is successful, it is possible that the defendant will be ordered to pay you compensation for the costs and fees you have incurred in instructing professional negligence solicitors to pursue the case on your behalf.

Other associated costs and fees

It is commonly the case that one instance of professional negligence can cause a number of knock-on consequences. For example, if a negligent property survey necessitates undertaking another, competent one, you will be able to claim in some way for the cost of this. Similarly, if you have needed to take out corrective building work in order to fix problems caused by earlier negligent work it is likely that, within reason, you will be able to claim for your loss.

Refund of initial fees paid to the negligent professional

Although the fees paid for negligent work are likely to be dwarfed by the subsequent financial loss caused by that negligence, it is worth remembering that any settlement should account for both of these factors.

Compensation for lost opportunity

Compensation for lost opportunity is a common feature of financial advice and investment negligence claims. Chiefly, this aspect of compensation is concerned with the question of whether the negligence that occurred deprived the claimant of an opportunity to benefit and/or avoid financial loss.Typically, there is some level of hypothesis involved in calculating the scale of this loss, so the process can be complex and sometimes contentious.

Compensation for lost money

In cases where, for example, a solicitor has caused you to accept an undervalued personal injury claim or a valuation professional has caused you to sell a property at below the market rate, it may be possible to make a precise and objective calculation of loss.

Compensation for inconvenience

Although it is usually difficult to commence a claim for distress and inconvenience alone, this may be an aspect of settlement, particularly in exceptional cases where the level of stress and inconvenience has been significant.

Healys professional negligence solicitors

If you have suffered significant financial loss as a result of the negligence of a solicitor, architect, accountant, builder estate agent, surveyor, or other professional, the professional negligence solicitors on Healys' team can bring their vast experience and expertise to benefit your claim.For advice and enquiries please call our partners in London and Brighton for help and advice.

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