Working in Law & Completing an Apprenticeship at Healys LLP


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Legal Apprentice Dario Arnold, provides insight into what it is like to work and complete his apprenticeship at London & Brighton based leading law firm, Healys LLP.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship role at Healys LLP?

While studying A-Levels at Ruislip High School I had to make the decision as to whether I wanted to go to university or choose a different option such as an apprenticeship course. I ended up deciding to focus on looking for an apprenticeship as I liked the idea of starting a job gaining work experience while still learning and developing my skills for the future. I was drawn to Healys LLP as they were offering a Business Admin apprenticeship course which I felt would be good for me; to not only develop my business skills in a highly professional setting but also to open many doors of opportunity for a future in business. I also was drawn to the fact that the office was based in Central London which provides opportunities to explore and create new memories after work in London. I researched the company and saw that they were a highly professional organisation and a perfect place to start my career in.

What is it like working for Healys?

A normal day working for Healys involves waking up at 7am to eat breakfast and get ready for the day ahead, to then catch the 8:30am train to take me to the London Office. I start my day in the office at 9:30am by checking my emails from associates and clients, then I start my role of File-Opening. This is a vital admin role within the conveyancing process and involves setting up clients' accounts and creating and sending initial documentation for the client to fill in, which allows the company to start their transaction. The role also includes communicating with the buyers' or sellers' solicitors to confirm instructions on the matter.I have my 1 hour lunch break at 1:00pm, and I use this time to eat and go for walks to see different parts of London. I enjoy trying out the different restaurants around my workplace as London offers a wide variety of food from all over the world. This week for example I tried a Japanese BBQ restaurant for the first time!My workday ends at 5:30pm when I get the train home. I use the rest of the day for my personal out of work hobbies such as weightlifting which allows for a good balance in my day.

What is it about working at a law Firm that interests you?

What interests me about working in a law firm is the professionalism and high standards that come along with this institution. The firm's main value/ethos is to "build relationships that last, putting the success of our clients at the forefront of everything we do" and this means that every task has to be completed to a high standard to ensure that this goal is fulfilled and the clients are satisfied. These high standards help me develop within my role and prepare me for future roles too.

What have you enjoyed about the apprenticeship scheme?

The apprenticeship scheme has allowed me to gain work experience while expanding my business knowledge through my study days on Wednesdays. This involves completing projects and workbook questions set by the apprenticeship scheme that cover different aspects of business; this interview for example would be classed as a social media project. The scheme enables me to attend different courses and workshops which allow for further expansion of business knowledge, as well as other experiences such as visiting Healys Brighton office for the day to meet the other apprentice there and other members of staff. I found it interesting to visit a different branch and I enjoyed spending time in Brighton, exploring the city and ending my workday with dinner on the pier and a drink by the sea.

What have you found your strengths and weaknesses to be since starting?

Every new experience can make you aware of your different strengths and weaknesses. I found my strengths to be working well with the other kind members of the Healys team and being willing to learn from them, as well as completing the work to a high standard within my role. I found my main weakness however to be managing my time with regard to the coursework. I have improved on this throughout the course by setting a clear plan of what I wanted to complete during my study day, and this allows me to better time-manage my day.

What role do you see yourself working in the future?

In the future I see myself moving into a sales or human resources department of an organisation as I like the idea of working in a more social based role. This was my plan since school where I studied, business studies for the initial business knowledge, psychology and sociology for an understanding of people and different cultures, and Drama to improve public speaking and communication skills. All these factors were considered when choosing my A-Levels, with the aim of working in a social business role in mind.

What advice would you give to people planning to apply?

For people thinking about applying I would highly recommend it as the apprenticeship has given me lots of opportunities to expand my knowledge, and if you are prepared to learn while working this would be a good alternative to going to University. Apprenticeships also open up opportunities outside of work as you will be starting to earn money. My advice would be to be confident and well prepared for your interview as first impressions are very important.For more information about Healys' legal services or career opportunities please visit:

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