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    At Healys, our immigration team has years of experience in dealing with all types of visa applications.

    Our specialist immigration solicitors are experts in the field and offer comprehensive legal advice as standard. Our team has experience of dealing with clients from all over the world and will ensure any application meets the legal requirements for entry into the United Kingdom.


    Omayemi left no stone unturned when he recently advised and worked on UK skilled worker visa applications for myself and my dependants. He demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and his knowledge of the Immigration law and rules were apparent throughout the process.
    Taiwo Aliu
    I came back to Healys to do my naturalisation because I had an excellent experience with Joyce Dyett with regards to gaining my residency. As Joyce was no longer on the immigration team, she introduced me to Omayemi Mac-Jaja, or Mac. He took over my matter, and has been very friendly as well as successful in my application. He was able to handle my matter in a timely and professional manner and I thank him. In the future I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Healys in relation to property or immigration matters, as I have now used the firm with positive experiences for both.
    Cris Grow
    I have used Healys’ services a few times, now for immigration matters, and the service they provide is nothing short of exceptional! The Immigration team are extremely well informed and professional, while also being very warm and understanding of the unique facets of your case, not to mention bringing reassuring clarity to otherwise daunting legal processes. I would certainly recommend Healys without hesitation.
    I wholeheartedly recommend Omayemi Mac-Jaja. I had a particularly complicated case on which I had been terribly served by a different solicitor. I then researched and found Healys and, after my initial consultation, felt that they could help me navigate my situation. Although my case was further complicated by the global pandemic, Omayemi was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and considerate of my circumstances. He was the most conscientious solicitor I could have asked for and regularly went above and beyond his remit to help me. When I eventually succeeded in resolving my situation it was in no small part due to the thorough job that Omayemi did in exploring and considering all possible avenues.
    Mark Carter
    My name is Cristina Grow and I am a client of Joyce Dyett at Healys LLP. I am both an American and Italian national, but have been living in the UK for almost 6 years. Last year, with Brexit looming, I became worried about my status in the UK. I reached out to Healys, as their property department had helped me with the purchase of my flat. Healys put me in touch with the wonderful and extremely competent Joyce Dyett in immigration. After having looked through my information, Ms. Dyett suggested that I apply for residency. For me, this process seemed an overwhelming and daunting one. However, Ms. Dyett made the massive amounts of paperwork rightly required easy to navigate and organized every step for me. She made the experience painless and user-friendly. Joyce Dyett is extremely efficient, clear, and – of equal importance – very personable. She made time to get to know me and understand my situation well. After having followed her advice faithfully during the time leading up to my applicable date, she was then able to file and confirm my residency in under a two-month period. Her tireless effort to establish my residency was highly successful and her dedication to me as not just a client, but as a person, put me at ease. Ultimately, she made me feel comfortable with the process and the system. I would undoubtedly recommend using the services of Joyce Dyett at Healys LLP.
    Cristina Grow
    Thank you very much for your assistance with my wife’s spouse visa application. I had a great experience with Healys, which is entirely down to the hard work and professionalism exhibited by yourself and your team. I came across Healys having had a less positive experience with another solicitor in London – I experienced delays in both communication as well as action from the previous solicitor. My experience with you was entirely the opposite from the start, and indeed a ‘breath of fresh air’ in comparison. After my initial inquiry, you were promptly in touch, and in short order we were meeting to discuss my case and to start collecting the evidence and documentation required. All of my (numerous) questions were answered quickly, politely, and accurately. Most importantly, you helped to relieve much of the stress and uncertainty involved in the process of applying for the spouse visa. I’m pleased to inform you that we have now received clearance for my wife to enter the UK. I do hope to be able to work with you again when it comes time for her visa renewal.
    I would like to thank Jocelyn Dyett for great help and professional advice and service during my application for British Nationality thru Healys. Thank you for always providing the best solution to any legal problems. Thank you for being always available for promptly answering my questions and providing your expertise on any aspects of the law in immigration.
    Isabella Sikorska-Khodor
    Ivon and Healys helped our company to obtain the necessary visas for our employee to set up a branch office in the UK. We encountered a number of problems with regard to the limited documents we had. Ivon helped our company to navigate through the complex requirements of UK immigration requirements. Healys provided a first rate service and made the whole immigration process as painless as possible. I can highly recommend Healys who provided a first rate service to our company.
    Adnan Majid
    Both myself and my family would like to thank you for your hard work and effort for applying to get the 10 years visa to the UK. We are very grateful for all your help and we would certainly contact you for future applications and advice if needed.
    T Khalil
    Knowing that I have Ivon and the most professional, knowledgeable, empathic and attentive team looking after the interests of my family has been a blessing. In times where laws are complex and ever-changing, Ivon manages to simplify it and communicate it to his clients effortlessly. The attention to detail on all cases he has taken on with me and my family shows his years of experience in the field. We always feel we are in trustworthy and safe hands with Ivon and his team; they reply to us around the clock when we have concerns or anxieties and are always there to reassure us with a high level of consideration for our well being throughout any process. Ivon puts his clients first; which is why we never hesitate to recommend them.
    RM - London
    I write to express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your highly professional service. Thank you for standing on my behalf, as my legal adviser, to secure my job. Being able to contact you without hesitation at any time through email and telephone helped make my life easier as a new mother. I have no reservation in highly recommending your firm.
    Dr P - Eastbourne
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