Bank and financial advice negligence claims


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It is easy to feel your bank has acted harshly towards you or has mishandled your money in some way, but banks are invariably large, powerful and intimidating institutions, so any professional negligence claim against a bank will require careful consideration.However, with experienced, determined and creative professional negligence lawyers fighting your corner, such as those on the Healys team, you can be confident that, if it has merit, your claim has the best possible chance of success.

Duty of care

There are many situations where a bank is likely to owe a customer a duty of care, from overseeing money transfers to giving financial advice about investments.Plus, banks often sell customers financial products, such as mortgages and bonds, which it has some obligation to ensure are suitable and fairly packaged.It must not be forgotten that the primary purpose of most banks is simply to look after customers' money. Any failure to do this adequately or competently could result in massive financial loss and grounds for a professional negligence claim against a bank.Property services are another area where banks may become embroiled in negligence claims, whether through employing a negligent surveyor or valuer or indeed any other circumstance where negligence takes place and loss transpires.

Financial loss

Mere negligence and inconvenience alone do not give grounds for negligence litigation, for claimants to pursue a claim for compensation, it must be proved that there was negligence, a breach of duty and, crucially, significant financial loss caused as a result of that negligence.

Healys LLP professional negligence partners

Healys LLP's professional negligence solicitors can help you negotiate a professional negligence claim against a bank, accountant, auditor, financial advisor or other professional.Talk to us today for expert advice and guidance.

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