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An Opportunity for the Young and Talented Indian Professionals

The UK has unveiled a new "young professionals scheme" with India that will allow under-30s from either country to live and work in the other for up to two years.UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, who is overseeing the introduction of Britain's post-Brexit points-based immigration system, said the deal with India would "attract the best and brightest talent to the UK".The pact was also hailed by India's Foreign Minister, Dr S Jaishankar, who said "the living bridge between India and the UK will get stronger as a result".People aged 18 to 30 will be eligible to travel from the UK to India, and vice versa, to work for up to two years.The scheme is "specifically designed to create opportunities for young professionals", a joint agreement said.It will be open to 3,000 people moving in each direction a year, regardless of the economic situation in either country.Applicants will need a degree, diploma or relevant professional experience, and "be able to express themselves in the language[s] of the host country".The work visa will expire after two years, and the UK and India have agreed to take measures to ensure that people return home at the end of their trip.But it may be possible to stay beyond two years if the person receives a further employment contract.For more legal insights or information regarding immigration law, please visit our website. Alternatively, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at:

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