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    Healys’ Employment Team have a strong reputation, providing businesses with top level, pragmatic, strategic and commercial advice – whatever your needs. Technical excellence and a deep knowledge of people management is a given.

    We recognise that the management of people issues captures more than just knowledge of employment law, and we work closely with our clients to seamlessly manage any issues that arise in the workplace. Our clients range across many public and private sectors, including financial services, care, retail, construction, and recruitment. We work with businesses of all sizes, including large corporations and SMEs.

    We also have an excellent track record of acting for individuals, particularly those working in financial services, but also people employed or otherwise engaged at a senior level in many other business sectors. We have a genuine understanding of issues that impact on HR professionals.

    Supporting Employers & HR

    • Employment law advice and practical guidance for businesses
    • Business protection and restrictions
    • TUPE and its application to outsourcing, and the sale and acquisition of businesses
    • Restructuring
    • Workplace data privacy
    • Employment Tribunal and High Court litigation
    • Employment law training
    • Investigations
    • Workplace mediation
    • Reputation management and audits

    Supporting Individuals

    • Protecting individuals’ reputations
    • Advising on employment contracts and negotiation before joining a new employer
    • Concluding and advising on settlement agreements
    • Advising on post-termination restrictions in employment contracts and share plans
    • Advising on grievance and disciplinary matters to protect and preserve individuals’ interests
    • Fighting claims of bullying and harassment
    • Supporting individuals suffering from stress at work
    • Pursuing complaints of unfair dismissal, discrimination, and breach of contract

    International Advice

    • Support to overseas businesses with interests in the UK
    • Employment support to law firms for international clients

    Keeping you up to date

    Healys provides regular information and updates about employment law – including:

    • Our employment newsletter
    • Analysis of employment law issues on the Healys website
    • One-off email alerts on important developments
    • Our employment law tweets
    • A programme of workshops and breakfast update


    Keep up to date with the latest Employment related news on Twitter via @Healysemploy

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    • How to Prepare for SMCR- A Guide for Solo-Regulated Firms Ahead of 9th December 2019

      22nd November 2019

      The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) was first introduced in the banking sector in March 2016 with the aim of creating greater individual accountability of those working within financial institutions. The FCA hoped to strengthen the integrity of the financial services and increase protection for consumers in the wake of the scandals of previous years.

      From 9th December 2019, the regulations are to be extended to all FCA solo-regulated firms, meaning a further 50,000 businesses will be covered.

      This article looks at the impact the regulations will have and how such firms can prepare ahead of the looming December deadline. Continue reading »

    • Workplace Sexual Harassment Victim Secures Compensation

      14th November 2019

      Sexual harassment in the workplace is sadly not as rare as one would hope but, with the right legal advice, there is no reason why anyone should put up with it. In a recent case, a woman whose infatuated boss subjected her to unwelcome sexualised behaviour secured more than £30,000 in compensation (Shotton v Mark Harris Upholstery Limited and Another). Continue reading »

    • What are the Stress-Management Obligations on Businesses in 2019?

      6th November 2019

      The first Wednesday of every November marks National Stress Awareness Day.

      Healys are proud to support the #NSAD campaign and are dedicated to the promotion of discussion around stress in the workplace.

      We see National Stress Awareness Day as an opportunity for organisations to reflect on whether they are fulfilling their duty as an employer to manage stress within the workplace and the potential impact this can have on their business. Continue reading »

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    • Is Your Will Out of Date? Execute a New One Before It’s Too Late!

      17th January 2020

      Allowing your will to become out of date stores up trouble for your loved ones. That was strikingly so in one case in which a successful businessman suffered a stroke before he could make a new will taking account of his changed financial and personal circumstances.

      The businessman had over the years made at least five wills, the most recent of which was a decade old. A draft new will had been found on his computer after he fell ill, but it had not been executed and was thus of no legal effect. The stroke had robbed him of his capacity to make decisions for himself or to make a fresh will.

      In those circumstances, his long-term partner and daughter applied to the High Court for execution of a statutory will, on the basis that his last extant will took no account of his dramatically changed circumstances and represented a wholly inappropriate disposition of his substantial estate.

      A further complication arose because the man’s son from a previous relationship was plagued by drug and alcohol addiction. His conduct towards his father and other members of his family had been extremely violent and menacing and had culminated in a criminal conviction and a lengthy prison sentence.

      The son, as a beneficiary of the extant will, would ordinarily have been entitled to be served with the proceedings and to be made a party to them. However, in the light of his behaviour, the Court took the rare step of dispensing with those requirements. The proposed statutory will would have no material adverse effect on the son and his involvement in the proceedings would potentially jeopardise his father’s care home placement and pose significant risks to the safety of others.

      For more information on how to obtain or update a Will, please contact Head of Wills & Probate, Christina Spencer on 01273 810079 or email her at:

    • Legal Specialists Take on Secret Santa in Aid of Great Ormond Street Christmas Appeal

      23rd December 2019

      Christmas is an exciting time for many as we prepare to give and receive thoughtful gifts, spend time with loved ones, and ignore calorie intakes as we embrace chocolates, comfort food and more! However, the festive season can also be an extremely difficult time for many individuals and families too. A great number of  children at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) are too ill to go home for Christmas. Continue reading »