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    Robert Johnson Risk-Sharing testimonials

    Robert, thank you so much for your hard work. You have restored my faith by your conscientiousness, prompt action and communication with me. I am so relieved, matters have at last reached a conclusion. Many many thanks.
    Elizabeth Burns
    The total level of service has exceeded my expectations to date. Mr Robert Johnson has been truly strategic with my claim and has alleviated a lot of stress by dealing with my claim over the many months. Upon assignment, he was able to understand my needs immediately. He was able to communicate with me clearly to give effective advice in a manner that I could understand because of my dyslexia. Mr. Johnson has the ability to adjust the tone of written and verbal correspondence as needed so that you understand his instructions. Mr. Robert Johnson is a well-balanced individual with solid interpersonal skills and business acumen. Robert Johnson is an excellent lawyer, capable of analysing what you say and following a complex argument. His brazen mastermind in this field, a top lawyer of the highest professional neglect. Mr. Johnson is able to quickly and effectively detect weak points in the opposition’s argument and understand your need to prepare legal strategies.
    Rudy Mukendi
    Robert Johnson is not only an excellent lawyer he is also kind and thoughtful; a rare species in the legal world I had previously experienced. Robert grasped the issues in my case very quickly. He gave me extremely timely, very thorough and commercial advice. I felt absolutely assured by his calm manner and honest assessment. I would not hesitate in recommending Robert to anyone with a claim or involved in a dispute.
    Corinne Laurie
    We instructed Robert Johnson of Healys in a complex claim involving corporate issues and insolvency remedies. While we are perhaps not finished with Robert’s services, we are extremely pleased so far with the professional service we have received from Robert. From the very beginning Robert understood the complex issues involved and provided clear advice as to the best strategy to follow. He was efficient and effective, confident and communicative; and we have been greatly reassured by his guidance and sound judgement. We would have no hesitation in seeking his advice in the future or in recommending his services to anyone in need of a first-class litigator.
    Jean & Jeff Hawes
    Our company has used the services of Healys and we could not be happier and more satisfied with the choice. Robert Johnson is a professional, meticulous, and respectful person who can be trusted to protect the interests of the company or the issue that was presented and required his expertise. Everything was explained and handled correctly.
    Gabi Pitileac
    Excellent service from Robert Johnson. We are owners of a UK condo and our tenant’s behavior triggered problem between us and the landlord. Robert Johnson provided us legal advice and helped us to deal with landlord. Robert is a very professional and responsible solicitor so we can fully rely on his expertise. I would recommended Robert to anyone who needs legal assistance in UK.
    Gary Yau
    I was very badly let down by my employment lawyer to the extent that I lost my employment claim. In light of Robert Johnson’s reputation in professional negligence matters, I instructed him to assist me in my claim against my previous solicitor and I am very glad that I did.  Robert very quickly grasped the issues and advised me confidently of my legal position, the value and merits of my claim and the process of recovering my loss as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.  Furthermore, Robert shared the risk of this claim by acting on a no-win-no-fee agreement. I am very happy with the outcome which I am sure is in large part because of Robert’s expertise in this area of law, tenacity and stamina and negotiating skills.  In addition, his level of service is exemplary.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.
    Dr Anjum Aziz
    After completing on a property sale I was due over 600K apprehensive of electronic transfer. I requested to be paid by Bankers Draft. The Solicitor acting for me posted the Draft unrecorded before Christmas and to this day it has not been seen. Barclays were unable to reissue or stop the Draft unless the Solicitor signed an indemnity which they refused to do; leaving me high and dry all over Christmas & New Year…and suggesting I seek legal advice. I did just that! Instructing Robert Johnson (Healys Solicitors) he pursued them relentlessly; his brilliant Letter of Claim left them nowhere to hide. They were clearly culpable of professional negligence/ breach of trust; their arrogance was staggering. Eventually together with their insurers they signed an indemnity with Barclays. In under a month, with Robert’s invaluable help, my funds were recovered together with an additional £11K for costs interest and damages. Thank you Robert for your exemplary care. Right was done…
    Roger Levy
    We appointed Robert Johnson to deal with a professional negligence claim against a firm of solicitors specifically relating to conveyancing. Our case is yet to be resolved, however, we have been very impressed with Robert’s approach to date. From the first conversation with Robert we were reassured by his ability to quickly grasp the facts, explain our options, and articulate his strategy in a clear and concise manner. Throughout our case he has been extremely quick to respond to queries and proactively ensures we are well-informed about the status of our case at every stage. It is clear that Robert takes great pride in the professional advice and service he provides which gives us every confidence that we will reach a good outcome.
    Vanessa & Ravi Seehra
    Mr. Johnson was recommended to us by a close Russian friend whom we have known and trusted for decades. Robert’s zest and zeal is indescribable. The conceptual speediness with which our complicated Gross negligence against one of the 20 biggest law firms in Britain was formulated left us quite ‘speechless’. Robert is also our last bastion after almost half a decade of battle and we have absolute faith that the outcome he will achieve for us is going to be more than what we expect. His personal charisma comes across and everybody in our family was enthralled with the kindness and empathy shown for our case. Whilst the case has not been brought to court yet, we unhesitatingly vouch for Robert’s integrity and his professional attitude shown during the last four months and remain grateful. Thank you Robert!
    Natasha Xanthopoulou
    Owner of Gravitas & Cie Ltd
    Since 2016 Robert Johnson has defended us in a complex professional negligence claim where we had the misfortune of being victims in a complicated property fraud. The claim had severe financial and professional implications and Robert demonstrated from the outset an ability to understand and narrow the issues; an appreciation of the sensitivities; and a thorough knowledge of the law, process and procedure. Robert’s professional negligence expertise is renown and in our experience with very good reason. He dealt with the litigation with assuredness (and times cunning) but he was most impressive by the way he was able to bring the opposing parties to the negotiating table and with his excellent skills he managed to turn what was a lost cause into a winning position. Robert has been a fantastic advocate throughout.  We always felt very confident in his ability and judgment which did a lot to reduce the stress of the litigation.  He provided us with clear and practical solutions and delivered an extremely good (and unexpected) outcome.
    We instructed Robert Johnson, a Partner at Healys LLP, in a substantial professional negligence case against a firm of City solicitors. From the early stages of our working relationship, we realised that Robert is a very talented lawyer. He has an excellent sense of the “big picture”, which means that he has a firm grasp of the strategic and tactical issues. His views, whether articulated verbally or in writing, are expressed fluently and cogently. Unlike many legal practitioners, he always reacts to queries in a timely fashion. From the beginning, he showed a firm commitment to our case. And Robert has three decades of experience as a top-flight litigator, which is very useful when trying to work out the opposition’s next move. These qualities resulted in a relatively swift resolution of our claim in a significant out-of-court settlement. For complex reasons, we have not yet received all of the monies and are continuing to work with Robert and his team in order to obtain the residual sums.
    David Jones
    Chairman & CEO of the AREF Group
    My wife and I were really impressed with Robert Johnson’s professionalism and perseverance in pursuing our case. He was very transparent in communicating his strategy with us and his regular updates on the status of our claim. He took off our shoulders all the work and we were very pleased with the final outcome. We also thought that the costs were pretty reasonable especially for the amount of work he had to put into the case. Thank you Robert!
    Luca Capriotti
    Dear Robert. Thank you so much for the good news and thank you for the money. I am very happy with the outcome and relieved that I didn’t have to go to court again. I will never ever forget how you and my wonderful Solicitor Daniel Winslow helped me to sort out this problem. Thank you once again and keep safe.
    Mahvash Davidson
    I took a claim to Healys against a prominent firm of surveyors who had mis-measured my property, causing me to lose a significant amount of money in a divorce case. Robert Johnson took on the case and I eventually received 80% of the funds lost as compensation, without the worry of having to proceed to court. Robert was very professional and throughout the process, he and his team kept me well-informed of how the negotiations were proceeding and of the various options open to me at each stage. Very happy with the outcome!
    Julie Kempton
    Excellent service from Healys and Robert Johnson…very professional in their work, I would not hesitate to recommend them.
    Roshan Gnanapragasam
    I cannot think of how my circumstances could have been so different had I not had the good fortune to have Robert Johnson and his team at Healys on my side. The comfort and reassurance of their experienced and professional advice when embroiled in a complicated and wretched legal dispute is hard to put into words. I cannot fault any of the service or support I received and have no hesitation in recommending them wholeheartedly.
    Leigh Porter
    I am delighted to have been introduced to Robert Johnson and his Team by Kingston Smith – Forensic Accountants. Our case has been particularly challenging and protracted, but despite this both Ben Parr- Ferris and Robert Johnson were able to take a fresh approach to matters and identify critical elements in our case until that time completely overlooked. I have every confidence in the sound professional advice provided by this firm particularly when the process is stressful and where the issues have the potential of being life altering. I would have no trouble recommending Healy’s to family, friends and business associates – a truly first-class experience!
    Lorent Reid, CEO, UTelcom UK Ltd
    I am profoundly grateful to Robert Johnson and Ben Parr-Ferris of Healys for the favourable settlement of my professional negligence claim. From the outset I was impressed with Robert’s knowledge, expertise and practical advice, and was equally impressed by his efficiency, prompt response to queries and clear and concise updates as to the progression of my claim. Healys were instructed on a no-win no-fee basis; and this, along with their professional handling of the matter, left me in no doubt as to their commitment to achieving the best outcome possible. I would readily recommend Robert Johnson and his team, and Healys as a firm, to any prospective clients.”
    Cameron Worth
    We first instructed Robert Johnson, a Partner at Healys LLP, in a substantial professional negligence case against a firm of City solicitors in the summer of 2017. From the early stages of our working relationship, we realised that Robert is a very talented lawyer. He has an excellent sense of the “big picture”, which means that he has a firm grasp of the strategic and tactical issues. His views, whether articulated verbally or in writing, are expressed fluently and cogently. Unlike many legal practitioners, he always reacts to queries in a timely fashion. From the beginning, he showed a firm commitment to our case. And Robert has three decades of experience as a top-flight litigator, which is very useful when trying to work out the opposition’s next move. These qualities resulted in a relatively swift resolution of our claim. Over the last two years, Robert has been ably assisted by Richard David, who has many of the same qualities as his mentor. He, too, is good at communicating and assessing the commercial as well as the legal considerations. Like Robert, he is a courteous and considerate professional. Another vital member of the team is Robert’s secretary, Emma Stump, who always seems able to effortlessly sort out the most difficult administrative problems. We have no hesitation in recommending Robert Johnson and his team to prospective clients.
    I am relieved to have Robert Johnson and his Team on my side to deal with some distressing and complex legal issues.  Even in the most frustrating and challenging situations I have every confidence in the sound professional advice provided.  It helps that the advice is given in a clear and sensitive manner when the issues can be life changing and knowing that Robert is determined and extremely experienced in his field is very reassuring.
    Leigh Porter
    I would like to say that the way Robert Johnson and Healys have handled my case has been totally professional and efficient. Compared to previous dealings I’ve had with the legal profession, the case has been progressed quickly; any questions and the legal processes have been explained in detail yet in a clear and concise manor that a lay person can understand. Regular updates on progress and costs incurred have been received which has proved very useful in planning what to expect in the future as the case progressed.

    From the way my case has been handled together with the unexpectedly favourable final settlement obtained I would definitely recommend Healys as a firm and Robert Johnson in particular as an organisation that appears to have a genuine commitment to trying to obtain the very best results for its clients.

    Richard Torah
    I approached Robert Johnson of Healys on behalf of my 89 year old father in law who had been the victim of poor advice from an IFA. Robert immediately understood all of the issues and set out the options and pitfalls in very clear language that we could both easily understand. I would not hesitate to recommend Robert for any IFA related matters.
    Andrew Roberts
    We engaged Robert in relation to our professional negligence/breach of contract claim against a renowned bank and valuer.  Robert is a very experienced commercial litigator and is handling our claim in a very professional and efficient manner.  He always provides us with concise and timely advice at every stage which has allowed us to make informed decisions regarding our claim.  We always feel that we are kept fully informed of all aspects of our claim and Robert is always willing and available to clarify matters over the phone if need be.  We have no hesitation in recommending Robert to anyone who is looking for a solicitor who will conduct their professional negligence or breach of contract dispute in an efficient, professional and effective manner which we are confident will lead to us achieving the best possible result.
    Hilary West
    Robert, I would like to thank you and your team, for your highly professional approach whilst dealing with my complicated professional negligence case. If asked, I would not hesitate to recommend Healys.
    Katherine Tsang
    I just like to say many thanks for the service you give me in obtaining the money which I thought I had lost you have restored my faith in solicitors which was at a low before contacting you once again many thanks.
    Kev Robinson
    Robert Johnson took on our professional negligence claim on a Conditional Fee Agreement.  He advised us of all the challenges we would face and guided us through each stage with detailed explanations.  Robert maintained regular contact by phone and email and always encouraged us to let him know if we didn’t fully understand anything.  Our case has, some two years, finally been satisfactorily concluded and we are so grateful to Robert for giving us a voice and making this large company listen to us.  Robert is a true professional with excellent knowledge in this field who exudes confidence.  We cannot recommend Robert Johnson highly enough.
    Janice & Charles Anderson
    This firm Healys LLP is an outstanding law firm.  If I have any law issues in the future, I would not hesitate to use them.
    Mr Martyn Gould
    Kate & I would like to say a big thank you for all your help. It was a tortuous day and whilst the result could have been better. Your efforts were impressive and appreciated.
    Mr Ian Andrews
    I first wrote about Robert Johnson in February 2014. The case he was handling on my behalf concluded successfully three months later.

    Although Counsel advised that our claim was not as clear-cut as we would have liked, Robert’s presentation to the other side was nevertheless convincing enough to persuade them to propose a negotiation with a view to a settlement.

    On the day, their opening offer was low. Robert was impressive, not only in staying cool in a tense situation, but in thinking on his feet while we marshalled our responses and presented our counter arguments.

    A point was reached when it became clear that the other side had broached the upper limit which their lawyers had in mind. But this was considerably lower than was fair or comfortable for our side. So the pressure increased dramatically and concerns arose on both sides that the case might be heading for the courts.

    Robert stayed calm however, and with firmness and authority talked the other side up to a level only just below our “reasonable” destination figure. I was happy, since it was a slightly better outcome than I had secretly dared anticipate.

    It was a fine performance by Robert, both in the negotiation and the preparation behind the scenes. Although naturally I hope never to have to undertake a negligence suit again, I would commend him unreservedly to prospective clients.

    Mr G S
    Following completion of the claim assembled on behalf of the Trustees by Healys LLP, we would like to take the opportunity to put on paper our appreciation of all Healys efforts on behalf of the Trustees. Robert Johnson, together with Emma Stump, proved very approachable and helpful, which was of great assistance and reassurance to the Trustees, particularly dealing with a matter which was unfamiliar to the Trustees. We would have no hesitation in recommending Healys’ services in the future.
    Trident Trust Company Limited
    Thanks for the professional job done in the case, excellent…once again great job, thanks.
    Thank you Robert. It is very good to have this action wrapped up at last, after all the effort and intensity that went into it. You did a great job…it was you who made the crucial points.
    A B Community Services Limited
    Thank you very much… very much appreciated and I’m sure you can understand after all these years that we are pleased it is over.

    There is absolutely no doubt in our minds at all that we would probably have lost our home had it not been for your help and we are certainly in a considerably better position than before we met and extremely grateful for your involvement…the efforts you have made and we shall always be truly grateful.

    Once again, many thanks for your considerable help.

    Leigh & Bob Porter
    There is no doubt without the help of Robert Johnson we would not currently have a completion certificate for our home. Robert helped bring our, what seemed like a never ending insurance claim, to an end. Our case was dealt with promptly and professionally by Robert and he gave us sound advice throughout to bring us to a satisfactory conclusion in the shortest possible timeframe.
    Fiona Cranfield
    At our first meeting with Robert Johnson we were sure that if anybody could help us Robert could. Robert agreed to deal with out professional negligence dispute on a Conditional Fee Agreement and got to work immediately; keeping us informed every step of the way. His professionalism, confidence and knowledge in this field are reassuring and our faith in Robert has never waivered. Although the case is still on-going we have complete confidence in Robert and would recommend him to anybody.
    Charles and Janice Anderson
    Robert Johnson was confidently recommended to me by a partner at one of the Big Four accounting firms, and from our first meeting I have understood why the introduction was so positive.

    Once Robert saw that the core of my case had merit, he showed that he had no fear of taking on a different, also major, accounting firm, and that he was steadfastly results-oriented. He cut through the parts of my claim which were unlikely to produce an outcome, and explained why. From my knowledge of the issues he was able to devise his own coherent and tough-minded strategy, and I was pleased that from the outset he steered our preparations towards a settlement rather than a trial. As a private, non-corporate client, I also appreciated his sensitivity over costs, not least his willingness to work on a CFA.

    Naturally I have strong convictions about my case, and Robert has been very good at respecting them–even appreciating them–while never allowing my layman’s instincts and passions to cloud his lawyerly judgement. My sense is that the constructive collaboration which has arisen between us has made the presentation of the case more compelling–for all that at the time of writing this has yet to be proven…

    I have every confidence that Robert will see the case through to a successful conclusion, and am enjoying my association with him.

    Geoffrey Simon
    We would like to thank you for all your assistance in our recent legal matter.  We greatly appreciated your sound advice and all the work you did in ensuring that our interests were protected.

    You also explained matters to us with great clarity and ensured that we understood everything.

    The costs were very reasonable and we will certainly recommend you to our friends and colleagues.

    Joanna McKenna
    We were very impressed by Robert Johnson who gave us very prompt and accurate legal and (most importantly) practical advice about our claim against our former tax advisors. We had every confidence in Robert’s knowledge of the law, the procedure and the courts. Robert kept us fully informed throughout. Perhaps of most importance was that Robert (based on his assessment of the merits of our claim) agreed to share the risk of pursuing the matter by acting on a “no win no fee” basis. We are both very grateful for Robert’s efforts and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with a dispute.
    Denis & Alla Ilina
    Following over 10 years of horrendous manipulation by a previous solicitor and barrister, Robert Johnson is handling our case of professional negligence. He appeared to be the only solicitor with the will and tenacity to unravel a case, made complicated over time, and which has obviously caused much distress and expense. The case is not yet concluded but if our faith in the legal profession is restored it will be almost entirely due to Robert who has acted at all times as the consummate professional, showing both a degree of sympathy and determination to settle our case which is much appreciated and we hope will be successful.
    Leigh Porter
    In the summer of 2012 I contacted Robert Johnson regarding a professional negligence claim in relation to a high value land transaction, involving a joint venture deed of trust agreement I had previously entered into.

    Robert was able to grasp the situation very quickly from day one, and has been able to take forward my claim with a consummate understanding of the technical details.

    It is often very difficult to find someone who immediately understands your position, and more over gives you the confidence and assurance to take forward a large value claim with all the associated risks that are involved, even when you know your action has merit.

    Moreover knowing that he was prepared to enter into a ‘conditional fee agreement’ to share some of the burden of the costs going forward in the commercial litigation process cemented the trust that you need to have before you can contemplate this type of expensive process.

    Although my claim is not concluded to date, the process, help and direction received so far from Robert has been second to none..

    Steve Dunn
    Mr Johnson has provided me with prompt, clear and precise advice, proffered in a professional and civil manner. He has represented me and provided me with a high level of service throughout.
    John Hutchinson

    I have been impressed by the speed of response – I received a response to every query I had within a couple of hours and certainly within the same working day.  I found this especially reassuring and comforting.

    Additionally, I was impressed by Mr. Johnson’s  positive attitude throughout the process, the reassurance I continually received and the moral support to stand my ground – which led to a very positive outcome.

    Michael Prokop
    Dear Mr. Johnson

    Thank you for successfully concluding the negligence case against my former solicitors.

    As you know, I was in two minds as to whether to pursue the case even though I knew that I was wronged and as a result suffered substantial losses.

    I was advised by many not to pursue a case against a solicitor on the basis that it is a “closed shop” and that I would not get a fair hearing.

    I was delighted when you took on the case on my behalf and when you secured a very equitable financial compensation from the other side.

    Thank you again for your advice, for your support and ultimately for the result!

    With very best regards.

    I was highly impressed with Robert personally; his knowledge, experience and professionalism (i.e. swift response to emails) was highly commendable – exactly what I had expected from the other testimonials on the website and why I chose Healys in the first instance.
    Daniel La
    Thanks for the professional job done in the case, excellent…once again great job, thanks.
    Richard Watts
    Client of the Dispute Resolution department
    After being left out of pocket by a negligent local solicitor, I instructed Robert Johnson to act on my behalf to try and retrieve the monies that were owed to me.

    Robert and his team not only kept me informed and up to date throughout the whole time but was successful in retrieving nearly the whole amount in an out of court settlement. I cannot thank Robert Johnson enough and would recommend Robert and Healys Solicitors.

    A B Community Services Limited
    I required the services of a London law firm after being let down by my previous advisors. Fortunately I was put in touch with Robert Johnson at Healys. I came away from my first meeting with Robert feeling enormously reassured and not to mention relieved, that my case was now back on track. The most impressive aspect of Robert’s work on my case was his communication throughout. He was always available when I needed to speak with him and would often get in touch to provide detailed updates. Robert listened to me and fought for my case at an extremely difficult time for me. I have enormous respect for Robert Johnson and would recommend him without question.
    We trawled the internet and telephone directories assembling a short list of legal advisors, appearing suitably qualified, to guide us through a professional negligence claim against our previous firm of solicitors. Robert Johnson’s instant response coupled with his ability to grasp the overall situation concluded our choice. We were not disappointed.
    Paul and Lynne Stonestreet
    Retired company directors
    Approached Healys after having struggled with a difficult litigation situation for some time. Robert grasped all of the issues in no time and set to work, applying his sharp mind and deep knowledge of legal issues, enhancing my own case and importantly providing peace of mind. Having dealt with a number of legal professionals on this case, I found Robert to be head and shoulders above the rest and would not hesitate in recommending him.
    I had a fairly substantial professional negligence claim to bring against my former solicitors. I believed that I had a good case but (as a consequence of my situation) limited cash available to fund litigation.

    I contacted at least six firms of solicitors specialising in the field of professional negligence and Robert Johnson immediately stood out from them. He quickly grasped the substance of the case and proposed various funding options available to me.

    I instructed Robert on a hybrid conditional fee arrangement which made the fees affordable to me. Robert also introduced me to Counsel who agreed to charge on a similar basis.

    Robert’s handling of the case was extremely thorough and he kept me informed throughout, explaining the relevant law, procedures and strategies to me in a way that I could understand.

    Despite the other side’s considerable resistance, my case was settled through mediation and the credit for the most satisfactory outcome must be attributed to Robert’s and Counsel’s handling of my case and which simply would have been unaffordable to me were it not for the funding arrangement that Robert proposed.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Robert to anyone facing complex litigation.

    Sherborne Land is a small but fast growing commercial property developer and investor. Since 2005 Healys have provided all elements of the broad range of commercial legal advice that we, and our group companies, have needed. Subsequently I had to seek the advice of Robert Johnson in the commercial litigation department. I am extremely glad that I did as I was awarded substantial damages for a wrong that I had suffered. Although the whole process is obviously a fraught one which is not to be undertaken lightly, Robert helped me through with confidence, calmness and assuredness. His knowledge of both the law and the due process were excellent whilst maintaining an awareness of my commercial needs. It is undoubtedly true to say that during the time that the litigation lasted, I viewed Robert as a partner as well as an advisor, in no small part because he and Healys shared the commercial risk by undertaking the matter on a “no win, no fee” basis. Without his marvellous support I would not have had the courage to take action and would not be in the happy state that I find myself in today.
    Sherborne Land Limited
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